Hi everyone, I’m Dan, currently a Year 4 class teacher. Here is a bit about me and my journey into teaching:

During my education, teaching was not something that I thought I wanted to do. I had the whole phase of wanting to be a professional sportsman, which stemmed from my passion for Ice Hockey. I followed my sporting ways and decided to study Sports Science and Management at Nottingham Trent University; this was a fantastic degree which I thoroughly enjoyed but realised in my third year, whilst doing my dissertation, it was not a career I wanted to pursue.

After I left University, I didn’t have a career path that I wanted to follow. I felt lost and stuck in a boring part time job. Fortunately my mum works as a business manager in a school and I decided to do some volunteer work their. I was inspired by the teachers I supported, the way they interacted with children. I found my enjoyment. My vision. My drive. I found my career. I was determined to leave my old, boring job and become a teacher.

Once I was accepted onto a PGCE course I initially thought, this was it, this was not the case. Hard work and dedication got me through my PGCE and I thankfully got a job at QV Primary School teaching Year 4. This was it. All the hard work I put in, I finally got a job, because for many, including myself, not getting a job was a major worry.

I absolutely love my job and I am very passionate about it. I love being able to work with other teachers, HLTA’s, TA’s, experienced or not and develop my own practise to help me become the best, inspirational teacher I can be. My vision is not to be a teacher who bores children, like myself when I was at school, but to be one that excites children into their learning a develop independence.

Through this blog I will be reflecting on my teaching and sharing my practices.



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