Observation’s… the joys. Being my final one of my NQT year, I decided to try something new and exciting to get an even better personal grade but more importantly to ensure that every child was engaged in their learning.

At QV, we are fortunate to have fantastic ICT facilities. Using the White room (room with a projector in) I wanted the children to write independent diary entries to commemorate WW1, as they have previously done a lot of work on this and I wanted to see if they could write in the correct style.

The White room helps bring situations to life. In the background I had WW1 sounds; guns, bombs, shouting. Being projected onto the wall, I had a video of the trenches, there was a bunker in the corner of the room and at the end of the video I created a morfo which helps bring a picture to life and creates a character. I used this to help explain the children’s task which gives purpose to the lesson. Amongst all of that, on the walls, there were different features of writing that they needed to include as well as language; all of this was created in the lesson prior to their writing, taken from our working wall. Surprisingly, from everything I included, alongside a fantastic TA who decorated most of the room, this did not take long to set up. I have learnt from this lesson that this lesson shouldn’t be just a one off but it can be incorporated into daily teaching.

From this lesson I found that every child was engaged and the level of work was fantastic. Having struggled throughout my NQT year to ensure progression was being made in Writing, this lesson proved that I can do it and proved to the children that they can too.

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