Experiential learning

Creating context that engages children. A hook that entices the children to not only play along, but to actually believe what they are doing has a purpose and that they can make a difference through their writing.

This is my next task. Over the next two weeks, we are writing Newspaper reports and after the initial learning; identifying the features, talk for writing etc.. the real fun begins.

Due to looking at The Normans and Medieval times, we decided to focus on Robin Hood which, I feel, lends itself well to newspaper report writing.

Let me set the scene:

Arrow pinning a note on to the whiteboard.

The classroom has been trashed, someone has been lurking around.

iPads have gone.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

A fantastic caretaker who will be our witness, someone to help the children get that all important quote/s into their reports.

The scene will be set for the children (I’m getting excited about the prospect of some fantastic writing)

I can’t wait!

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