Half term


I am so glad that the half term break has arrived. My eyes needed propping open with match sticks by the last day. Having completed my reports, ensured all marking was complete and applied for a new job, which I got!!, I felt ready for the break!

So yes, I got a new job! An exciting challenge will be upon me in September and I cannot wait to get started! I will certainly miss my current school; they took me in, two years ago as a NQT, who didn’t know a great deal about teaching, and helped me develop to someone who is extremely confident and knowledgable in the profession. The staff have been fantastic there and I could not have wished for a better school to start my career. With the support I was given, which was outstanding, I believe I have a brilliant foundation to succeed in my career, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

The next chapter. I will be teaching in Year 4 again which I cannot wait for! Utilising my skills that I’ve already gained, will benefit me massively for next year. The school I am going to is wonderful and the chance for progression is brilliant! I feel opportunities will come my way and I cannot wait to relish in the responsibility.

In terms of teaching, my main aim for the new academic year is to utilise ICT more in the classroom and have it as an integral part of the learning environment I provide for the children. I’m not saying I don’t use it at the moment, what I’m saying is that I can use it more effectively to aid progress for the children. I will start posting more on ICT over the next few months as I look to use it more in my classroom

2 thoughts on “Half term

  1. Congrats on your new job! I’m definitely interested in reading more about your plans for utilising ICT. As someone about to start a PGCE I’m always interested in reading different uses for ICT that improve the lesson and overall learning environment 🙂 All the best, Katie.



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