Just keep running…

Over the last 6 months I have been taking my running quite seriously. I have competed in two 10k’s and compete in a 5k Park Run every Saturday morning. It has helped me re-gain fitness and also it has helped me develop my mental toughness for teaching.

During my time teaching, I have noticed that the academic year is actually quiet like a long distance run. Once you start the year, you start well, comfortable and ready for a good year, however, throughout the year, you can have highs and you can have lows, just like a race. In a race, you can have sudden bursts of energy which make you faster and this represents the successes you can have in teaching. You can also have hills to climb. These hills represent lows. It is how you climb these hills that matter, but once you are at the top and you have conquered a low, you can tackle any issue you face in the future. When the end of the race is in sight, you can’t wait to finish, but you must ensure you maintain a strong finish.

The moral of this post…just keep running! You’ll get there!

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