Challenging the Gifted and Talented:

Because I am a Year 4 teacher, I have some very talented writers that have a lot of potential, but need that focus and extension to ensure they make more progress.

After sitting down with a fellow colleague of mine, who teachers Year 6, I came across ISPACED. ISPACED is used predominately for sentence openers to help make children’s writing more exciting and interest the reader.

I – Ing openersScreen Shot 2015-05-29 at 18.02.47

S – Similes

P – Prepositions

A – Adverbs

C – Conjunctions/Connectives

E – Ed openers

D – Drop In (Embedded clause)

I have also created individual bookmarks as reminders for children to use when they write. They can use it as a reference or a checklist to ensure they have written their best piece of writing. It also gives them the opportunity to up level their work and edit it.

I wouldn’t suggest using all of ISPACED with children who find writing a challenge, as it may confuse them, however, there are elements of it you can use to help push their progress, such as: adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. These really improve children’s ¬†writing.